Research and Innovation Centre for Human Movement and Learning





About us

  • We develop and apply new, practice-oriented knowledge on movement and learning in close collaboration with private companies, organizations and public institutions
  • We cooperate with external partners in developing skills related to movement and learning in institutional, leisure and cultural activities
  • We co-create movement and learning environments and practices of the future
  • We promote innovation in the area of learning and movement based on cross-sector cooperation
  • We contribute to bachelor, master’s and PhD-level education and further training in cooperation with university colleges and universities

Let’s work together on…

  • Research and development in relation to movement and learning of children and young people
  • Innovation projects on learning and human movement
  • PhD-projects on cutting-edge issues in human movement science
  • Joint courses of study for university college and university students
  • Further training activities
  • Knowledge translation and research dissemination

Our publications:

MOV:E aims at disseminating knowledge and Research about children and young people in relation to movement and learning. The magazine is published several times a year, and each issue includes articles, interviews and debate pieces. MOV:E is published in both printed and digital editions.

Reach is a report series that is published regularly by FIIBL. The series is used for publishing research findings and evaluations.

Newsletters from FIIBL are published quarterly and feature news and current events from the centre.

Contact us for further information

Jens Troelsen, Head of Centre
Professor, Head of Research Unit, Msc. PhD.
+45 6550 3493

Lisbeth Runge Larsen, Centre Coordinator
Assistant Professor, PhD
+45 2381 6462